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We are sad to announce that this is our last season of courses from Banbury. The last talk will be Mary McIntyre's Intro to Astrophotography in September.

The decision has been driven by changes in the lease of the venue which mean that we can no longer use the current site, and by the increasing cost of putting on the courses. To keep the price of tickets down to a reasonable level, we've been making a loss on many talks and its no longer viable.

We're very sad. We've really enjoyed putting on these courses, its been great fun and we want to say a big thanks to all our speakers - some of whom gave their time for nothing more than travel expenses - and to all you attendees for supporting us over the last few years. We hope you have all enjoyed the courses and learned something.

Meanwhile please do look at this season's course list which is still valid through to Mary's talk in September. 


We have courses to suit everyone, no matter your level of experience. Join us and find out the tips and tricks to make your imaging easier and better.

Our courses are run by some of the leaders in astrophotography such as Damian Peach, Pete Williamson, Mary McIntyre and Hugh Allen.

Some of the topics we cover include: Starting out in astrophotography, equipment types and set up, image processing and image capture.

Lots more information is available on our Course List page. Click on the menu above left to find out more, to find out where we are, or to get in touch for more information.
Damien Peach Talking
Mary McIntyre Talking

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