Photoshop Essentials: £35

With Dave Eagle

Saturday 21st April 10am – 4.30pm at Tooley's Boat Yard, Banbury


This course will incorporate:
A hands-on workshop to introduce the delegate to the essential processing tools, techniques and plug-ins using Adobe Photoshop to get the very best out of your hard-earned images.

Photoshop has long been an essential tool for processing astronomical images, but with so many tools available within it, beginners often find it quite daunting to use. The learning curve can be very steep.

Dave's hands-on Workshop takes you through the essential tools used in the package to get you over the most difficult learning curves to help you get the very best out of your astronomy images.

NB: Please  bring in your laptop with a working copy of Photoshop, (Elements does not have all the functions required)as after covering the theory, the bulk of the day will be very much hands-on, doing lots of practical work processing your own pre-stacked images, or some that will be bought in for you.

We will be covering, Curves, Levels, Flat fielding, Layers, Layer Masking and Saturation. The day will also cover some of the most useful Photoshop plug-ins Dave considers essential to help you get the very best results.