Learn the Night Sky - Autumn: £15

With Mary McIntyre

Saturday 4th November – 10am - 12:30 at Tooley's Boatyard, Banbury


This course will contain the following componants : Wide field images using compact, bridge & DSLR cameras. This would include how to photograph: Constellations, The Milky Way, Star trails, Aurora, Noctilucent clouds, Meteors, Satellite passes & Iridium flares,

Photography with a zoom lens, including: The Moon, Star clusters, Deep sky objects, Photographing objects through a telescope, Afocal photography with a compact camera and bridge camera, Prime focus photography with a DSLR and T-ring & adpater. Then talk about how to image The Moon, The Sun, Deep sky objects.

The basics of image processing, with the simple Windows photo editing software and Lightroom and show the difference it can make to a simple image. Finally an introduction to stacking as well.

Mary McIntyre has had a lifelong passion for astronomy. In 2011 she completed the Astronomy GCSE course, and in 2014 she completed the Open University Certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Science. She has been doing astrophotography for about 8 years and loves to photograph just about anything that is in the sky! In her spare time she runs the UK Women in Astronomy Network, and writes astronomy blogs and articles for several online magazines and her own blog page. Her astrophotographs have been featured on BBC Sky at Night, BBC South Weather and a Channel 4 documentary about British Weather. She has appeared in All About Space Magazine, and has also had one of her photographs used as the cover for a university text book. Every clear night she can found in her rural Oxfordshire garden with her camera!
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