Photographing the Night Sky: An Introduction to Astrophotography £15

With Mary McIntyre, FRAS

Saturday 17th March 10am -12:30pm at Tooley's Boatyard, Banbury


This introductory course covers using compact, bridge & DSLR cameras, and photographing with a wide angle or zoom lens and at the telescope.

Mary starts with wide field photography of Constellations, The Milky Way, Star trails, Aurora, Noctilucent clouds, Meteors, Satellite passes & Iridium flares. Then she moves on to discuss photography with a zoom lens, including the Moon, star clusters and deep sky objects. She also covers photographing objects through a telescope, including afocal photography with a compact camera and bridge camera, and prime focus photography with a DSLR and T-ring & adpater. Mary will show you how to image the Moon, the Sun, and deep sky objects through a telescope.

Mary will also cover the basics of image processing, with both the simple Windows photo editing software and paid-for tools like Lightroom to show the difference it can make to a simple image.  Finally Mary will provide an introduction to stacking  - don't worry, its not as difficult as it sounds!

Read more about Mary in her bio here.
More of her images can be found on her website here