Astrophotography Masterclass: £35

With Paddy Gilliland

Saturday 16th June 10am – 4.30pm at Tooley's Boatyard, Banbury


Processing an AP image can be a daunting exercise for the beginner. Even for the more experienced learning technical software and keeping up with new features can be a challenge. Of course, we have all hit that wall unsure of why you can't get to the level you desire or struggling to find a way to take the next step.

In this course I will walk through and end to end example of an image highlighting the important areas and approaches that I feel can help every image processor.

During the example I will cover, to name but a few the following keys topics.
  • Developing a workflow
  • sub-processes for and overall image improvements.
  • Becoming so familiar with the process it becomes intuitive.
  • This baseline process and the related intuition will provide you with the ability to know when and how to deviate from your template process.
  • Working with noise
  • The various approaches available to dealing with noise.
  • Thinking outside the box – adding uniform noisefor a better noise reduction approach.
  • Iterations – many small adjustments typically provide better results than a single large one, practical examples will be presented.
  • The scale of the detail – Detail is not only at one scale, teasing it out of the image should be delicately done at different scales, the larger often releasing and enhancing the fine detail. Some baseline methods will be demonstrated.
  • Pixinsight and Photoshop – Where I use each and for what.
  • Stretching data effectively without losing detail.
  • I will also briefly demonstrate all the key processes I follow to produce and image.

Read more about Paddy in his bio here.